Cafe Verde


Café Verde is Grants Pass first boutique cannabis dispensary and the home of One LOVE Pricing! Located in the HEART of Southern Oregon off the banks of the Rogue River, With a quick stop on Historic Highway 99, Cafe Verde is as easily accessible as it is beautiful when traveling in and through Grants Pass. We offer a warm and inviting personal touch, showing off some of the best Cannabis Products that Oregon has to offer and quality locally grown Indoor and Sun Grown flower. Cafe Verde is all about doing it for the LOVE and giving our customers a unique and affordable experience of farm to table. We believe in what we do, and we are humbled to have the direct opportunity to share that with you on the daily. Come see us today, we look forward to meeting you! One Love, The Cafe Verde Family Commuting from Medford, Murphy, Talent, Ashland, Merlin, Rogue RIver, Gold Hill, Central Point, White City and all other locations near and far, Café Verde’s selection and price structures are unmatched, making us at 2455 Rogue River Highway, Grants Pass OR 97527 a cannabis experience destination for EVERYONE over the age of 21.


License : 050-1009200822A
Email : [email protected]
Address : 2455 Rogue River Highway
City : Grants Pass
State : OR
Country : USA
Zip : 97526


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